Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed based upon the following certifications and work experience:

  • Federally certified Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)

  • Federally certified Active Shooter Hostile Event Response (ASHER)

  • Experience in Crisis Response Team Training

  • Emergency Operations Center Facilitation

  • Protection of The President of the United States

  • Protection of visiting foreign dignitaries

  • Protection of special nuclear material

  • Related backgrounds: United States Military, Security Contracting, Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement

Facility Assessment

We will assess your entire facility for vulnerabilities. Points of entry and access will be assessed. Safe rooms and evacuation routes will be indentified.

Staff Education

Your staff will learn what to expect in an active shooter event, how to react in order to save lives, and how to interact with law enforcement.

Staff Training

We will role play or walk staff through your facility and review individual plans of action.

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the signs and warning indicators to aid in detecting and preventing an active threat in the workplace

  1. Learn the steps for survival to maximize preservation of life when faced with an active threat

  1. Learn how to work with and aid first responders when dealing with the active threat

Everything is tailored to fit your needs

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